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Understanding the Importance of Pre-employment Medical Assessment

What’s a pre-employment medical assessment? Pre-employment Medicals are extremely important to the security and welfare of a work force. It enables companies to determine whether or not a potential employee is fit to work in a variety of situations. In addition, the medical assessment helps employers determine how they might best accommodate an applicant during their time in the workplace.

The purpose of a medical evaluation is to assess the state of the applicant’s physical and mental health. A comprehensive medical examination will include tests and examinations, as well as observation and interviews. Additionally, it will involve the assessment of the applicant’s mental and emotional health.

An experienced doctor performing the medical assessment is required. There are several medical professionals available to perform a medical assessment. The medical professional will take into consideration the type of job an applicant is applying for and will evaluate the applicant’s general health, mental and emotional health, as well as other health related issues.

Mental health testing involves the evaluation of the applicant’s personality, as well as his or her intellectual and psychological abilities. Mental health testing can also be conducted by a psychologist. The psychological testing process is used to determine how well a potential employee can function in a stressful situation. These are critical components in assessing whether or not an applicant would make a good employee for a particular company.

Physical health testing includes testing for blood pressure, heart rate, as well as the ability of the applicant to breathe. Blood tests will be done to assess the applicant’s total body functioning, as well as the applicant’s ability to metabolize oxygen and carbon dioxide efficiently. The assessment may also include tests to determine if the applicant is dehydrated, or if the applicant has had any drug abuse or alcohol addiction issues.

Physical Health Testing is extremely important because it can indicate whether an applicant is physically fit to work in an environment. As an employer, it is essential that you have confidence in the employees that you bring into your workplace. Whether you have to hire a permanent employee or just fill a few temporary positions at your business, the importance of conducting an initial medical test is evident. In addition, pre-employment screening is crucial for your company’s safety and protection. As the employer, you want to ensure that your employees are properly insured and do not pose a risk to the health and safety of your company.